Quick Once Over

Something that I always do before I head out the door is a quick once over glance at my outfit.  There are numerous times when I have wondered if other women complete the same thing.  Mainly I do this so I do not advertise a fashion faux pas.  There have been times where a couple of seconds saved me from embarrassing myself for an entire day.  I know it is not the “End of the world” per se; however, when you work in retail part time and love fashion like I do, it makes me that much more aware about my appearance and the standards that I have set for myself.  I also have my full time job to consider, which means I have to make sure it is work appropriate.  For example:  I would not wear destroyed skinny jeans to my full time job due to lack of professionalism in our office environment; however, I would at my part time job because I would be promoting what we are selling in the store.

So ladies, if you do any of the following or have some other possible “Woops, I can’t believe I did that!” feel free to comment.  The main things that I look for are the following:

Did I grab both black shoes, or did I accidentally put on one brown and one black?  Note:  I have a few shoes that are the exact same style, but in different colors.  I have stopped myself a couple of times because I accidentally grabbed one of each and man did I look a hot mess.  I’m sure there are several other individuals out there that have run across the same thing at some point (and are probably nodding their head at this too).

There was this one day about a year ago that I was in a hurry and rushed out the door without doing my “once over” look.  I got to work and was walking to clock in and noticed that my cowboy boots sounded funny on the floor.  I looked down at my feet and found that I had two different brown cowboy boots on.  They were on the correct feet, just happened to be from two different sets of boots.  Boy was I embarrassed when I noticed that.  I usually keep a spare set of shoes/flats in my truck; however, that particular day I was out of luck.  That was honestly one of my most embarrassing moments fashion wise.  Needless to say, I pay MUCH closer attention now.

Did I remember to zip and button my pants?  Seriously, what girl wants to be remembered as the chick that forgot to zip her zipper?  There have been a couple of instances that I have gone up to women and discretely pointed it out to them so that they may zip up.  Personally I would thank my lucky stars that someone was kind enough to let me know, because man would I feel like a dumb ass if I kept walking around showing my stuff that doesn’t need to be shown to the world.  Do you think these women were thankful?  If you guessed no, then you would be correct.  They actually bit my head off asking me why I was looking!  By all means, I am not saying that I go around looking at peoples’ crotch areas.  Some things just tend to draw a persons eye.

Did I put on the correct color of belt?  I tend to wear two-tone outfits often (light brown top with a dark brown belt and dark brown boots) so I always want to make sure I grabbed the correct color of belt.  If I had on a light brown top and black boots, then I would wear the black belt.  One thing that I would like to purchase in the future would be some solid color belts (red, pink, purple, etc) to brighten up some of my color blocking outfits.  An example of this would be a purple pencil skirt, a solid black v-neck top, with a bright pink belt, and some basic black pumps.

Does my necklace go with the outfit?  I positively love antique jewelry!  Sometimes I specifically build an outfit around what necklace I prefer to wear that day.  To some this may sound silly or even backwards, but hey, it is a part of who I am.

These are just a few of the things that I look for on a daily basis before I head out the door.  I want to look my best for any and all occasions because you just never know who you will run in to.  Remember, first impressions are everlasting and can make a world of difference.  In retail potential customers want to see what is in and know what is out.  Many are open to new suggestions and are willing to take a step out of their comfort zone.  Which leads me to my next question for you.  Which of the following would you enjoy to read next?  I have a few ideas that I have been tossing around, but haven’t quite came to a decision on which to write about next.  If you have other suggestions they will definitely be taken into consideration! 🙂

1.  Different Ways to Think Outside the Box – This would generally give you ideas on what to shop for if you are “stuck” in a certain style or certain colors that continuously appear in your wardrobe (a repeat customer always buys the color black, yet I was finally able to talk her into white and blue – woohoo!).

2.  The Perfect Outfit for your Christmas Party – I shop a LOT and find several cute outfits for very reasonable prices.  I would probably show pictures with direct links to the stores website.  Some parties are on the casual side, while others are more formal.  I would like to show some of each.

3.  What to Wear in the Winter – It’s that time again for us to bundle up with the weather.  I love to bust out my boot, sweater, and scarf collection each year.  Of course I also always add to it as well!  The styles are forever changing, yet certain boots never go out of style.  My goal is to actually take some pictures of my friends in the styles I am planning on discussing.

I look forward to your feedback and can’t wait to see what suggestions you have to offer.

Until next time,



Black Friday Wedge Deals

I am having a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with my family and started perusing the websites earlier to see what kind of deals are out there.  As you may have discovered from my earlier post, I am a shoe freak. I have found FOUR pairs of wedges that I simply had to have. Not only were they each already marked down, but if you put in the coupon code BLKFD30 you will receive an additional 30% off of your entire purchase!!!!

Wedge Deal #1 Cutout Loops Color Block Wedge Heels

Spring into your inner confidence with these beautifully bold, colorblock wedge heels from DbDk Fashion! Fairley1 features a cutout loop design with a peep toe and a zipper closure in the back. Heel measures approx. 6″ with a 2″ platform. Available in 4 colors.
Color: Purple Multi (also available in Royal Blue, Black, and Fuchsia)
Heel: 6″ heel with a 2″ platform approx.
Material: Suede (man-made)
Sole: Treaded
Condition:New: In Box
Style Name: Fairley-1
Retail Price: $49.99 – Sale Price:  $27.30

What I love the most about these wedges is that they have the artfully placed cutouts.  The color blocking is amazing and still allows me to wear these wedges with several different colors in my wardrobe.  I already know they will look amazing with some of my trouser/bell bottom denim.  I may toss them with a solid color dress, but still am debating on whether or not I like wedges with skinny jeans.  Some of my friends are all for it, but personally I’m just not completely sold on the idea yet.  I feel the wedge is too clunky of a shoe for a skinny jean.

Wedge Deal #2 Color Block Wedge Heels

Bring a pop of excitement to your wardrobe with this color blocked wedge booties from Alba. Kristy features a tan, orange, purple and cream color combination. A zipper in the back, 2 inch platform and a 5.5 inch wedge completes this one of a kind style.
Color: Tan Multi
Heel: 5.5″ wedge heel w/ 2″ platform (approx.)
Material: Velvet
Sole: Rubber
Condition: New: In Box
Style Name: Kristy
Retail Price: $49.99  Sale Price:  33.50

When I first saw this wedge on the http://www.makemechic.com website, I absolutely knew I HAD to have them. Just look at the colors, the placement of the colors in the design.  I can already see wearing these with a cute denim skirt and a funky top for a night out on the town.  Wedges are one of the most comfortable types of heel out there, especially if you are on your feet a lot.  I work in retail and find that I can last a lot longer in wedges than the comfiest of high heels.  Needless to say, I highly recommend a wedge.

Wedge Deal #3 Color Block Ankle Strap Wedge Heels

Block traffic with these head-turning, colorblock wedge heels from DbDk Fashion! Fairley3 showcases a suede upper with silver piping and a peep toe. Also has an ankle strap with a buckle closure on the side. Heel measures approx. 6″ with a 2″ platform. Available in 3 colors.
Color: Black Multi (also available in Royal Blue and Fuchsia)
Heel: 6″ heel with a 2″ platform approx.
Material: Suede (man-made)
Sole: Treaded
Condition:New: In Box
Style Name: Fairley-3
Retail Price: $49.99  Sale Price:  27.80

This wedge is fun, flirty, and downright sexy.  I plan on wearing these with a shiny long sleeve solid color top with a sexy pencil skirt.  Top off the look with a long silver necklace and voila, insanely cute outfit.

Wedge Deal #4 Snake Cutout Platform Wedge Heel

Give your look an all-leg appeal with these snake platform wedges by DbDk Fashion! Fairley4 showcases a cutout, strappy design with an open toe and a zipper closure in the back. These babies are sure to keep you looking hot and comfortable all night long. Heel measures approx. 6″ with a 2″ platform. Available in 4 colors.
Color: Red (also available in Black, Taupe, and Mustard)
Heel: 6″ heel with a 2″ platform approx.
Material: Snake/Patent (man-made)
Sole: Treaded
Condition:New: In Box
Style Name: Fairley-4
Retail Price: $49.99  Sale Price:  $26.00

Looking for a wedge for a night out on the town with the girls? These will look amazing with a little black dress.  Another option would be flair denim and a shiny black top with a black belt.

I hope you found at least one pair out of the four wedges to your liking.  I found each of them amazingly fun.  I hope you enjoyed the style and information included.  If you are looking for advice on putting an outfit together with a certain pair of shoes, I would love the challenge.

Happy Shopping! – CreaturesWithInk

Shoe Freak – How to find the best bargain for your buck!

If there is ever any doubt when a girl says she is a shoe freak, simply look at her feet.  Nine times out of ten, she has an amazingly adorable pair of shoes on. A few of the stores that I visit to purchase cute, affordable, long-lasting shoes are at:  Shi (by Journey) – I’ve been known to pick up top quality shoes for $10.00 to $40.00, Baker’s – another awesome clearance section, and Charlotte Russe – I love how they have the buy one get one for $15.50.  My favorite online stores are http://www.makemechic.com/; http://www.shoedazzle.com/, http://www.ebay.com/ – for those of you that want to decide exactly how much you will pay for your shoes, and the most recent online store I have fallen in love with, but have not ordered from yet, is http://www.heels.com/.  I have had amazing experiences in each of these stores (whether online or in the actual store).

I know some individuals are not sure about ordering online.  One thing that helps me the most is reading the reviews from the customers that have already ordered the item I am interested in and had taken the time to complete a short survey.  The sites usually will have a section with a poll on how accurate the shoes fit (for example:  1/2 size small, true to size, or 1/2 size large).  Tips to remember:  1. Always check out their return policy. Do they pay for the return shipping?  How many days do you have once you have received the item?  2.  Look at their customer reviews.  Most sites will have some type of customer review area where they can share their experiences.  3.  Ask your friends! Word of mouth can be the best/worst type of free advertisement!  With so many social websites out there, someone you know is bound to have ordered from the site you are interested in.  See how their experience went and would they recommend the site to you?

In-Store bargain shopping I would recommend for the week:  Shi by Journey.  I checked out their website and they have an INSANE amount of shoes that are to die for at a very reasonable price ($39.95 and under).  If you would like to check them out, here is the direct link to their sale shoes:  http://www.journeys.com/shi/product_listing.aspx?p=sale

Happy Hunting,


When the world knocks me down, I remember this!

If it doesn’t kill me, it will only make me stronger!


Eventually, I plan to have this tattoo’d on me.