Fashion or Faux Pas?

Every time I go to the mall I glance at different outfits that the women are wearing.  Sometimes I get the cutest ideas this way; while other times I wonder what in the world they were thinking when they put on their clothes that morning.  Something that continues to boggle my brain, is it really necessary to wear your stilettos to the mall to shop in?  I love to wear my cute shoes for a night out on the town, but come on people to go shopping at the mall in stilettos?!  The words “Ouch, idiot, and band-aid” comes to mind.

I’m going to list a few outfits that either I have seen people wearing, ones that I have worn myself, or I have seen and am considering the possibilities.  For the ensembles that are faux pas, I will be adding suggestions to correct the fashion error that was made.

Outfit #1 Wal-Mart Madness

For the first outfit I can honestly say that I saw this at Wal-Mart a while back.  This particular girl was wearing a too tight black tank top which was tucked into a pair of faded skinny jeans.  Her accessories included wearing a light brown belt and white sneakers.

This outfit is definitely a faux pas.  Even if you are going to Wal-Mart please do not wear skinny jeans with big clunky tennis shoes.  If you really want to wear the comfy footwear, simply put on a pair of flair denim and a black belt.  Unless you have jewelry or shoes to tie in the brown, it will look like you accidentally grabbed the wrong belt.  Please also consider wearing a tank top that actually is not 2 sizes too small.  Yes, the majority of tank tops are meant to be tight; however, when your love handles are hanging about 2 inches out of your shirt I consider it a sight I do not want to see (and most likely the majority of the general population).  Remember, we want to flatter our body.

Outfit #2  Attention Baker’s Shoes Personnel

A while back I went shopping at one of my favorite shoe stores…Baker’s!  One of the main ladies that was assisting me had on the following outfit:  An ivory fitted lace top with an ivory cami tucked into a burgundy body con skirt topped off with a pale pink rinestone peep toe clogs.

This outfit is definitely considered fashion!  My new friend looked absolutely amazing, almost like she was getting ready for a photo shoot. I actually purchased not only the shoes she was wearing, but a burgundy  skirt (at another store of course) so that my new shoes would match and look as cute as the saleswoman (luckily I already had a top that would work perfect)!!  I love it when individuals inspire me, which means I’m always on the lookout for that “perfect outfit idea.”

Outfit #3 Gambling at the Casino

So my friend and I were at the bar at a casino and I look over and “Whoop there it is!”  I saw a full figured woman, with quite a bit of junk in the trunk if ya know what I mean, and she is wearing a pair of tight leggings with literally all of the colors in the rainbow and then some with a black top and white flats!

Ladies this is a major faux pas on numerous levels.  If you have a big booty, solid colors work best to slim you down.  If you prefer to wear a pattern, tone it down with something that might not be as colorful (2 colors rather than 30).  A solid color legging with a built in vertical pattern would look amazing (vertical patterns are much more flattering for your body if you are an average or a full figured woman).  If you wish to add color a solid off the shoulder top would look very sexy (and they are comfy).  As for the white flats (cringe), please wear black ones instead….unless you are wearing a white top.  Even then I would prefer  to see my lovely readers wearing black flats.  If you keep the color scheme going, black flats will slim you down.  Another shoe that would look cute would be black boots.

Outfit #4 Ruffles and Boots

So I arrive at my retail position and am greeted by my lovely co-workers. I’m getting clocked in and then head out on the floor.  I automatically see the outfit my manager is wearing!  She had on this really cute tank that had some ruffle layers to it.  The top was (if my memory serves me correctly) white with a blue and gray floral pattern.  She was also sporting a black cardigan and black leggings.  Her footwear of choice happened to be an over the knee flat gray boot that had silver buckles by the outer ankle and by the knee.

Can we say fashion?!  I loved the entire outfit she was wearing.  On a personal note I know that my body type does not work well with a layered ruffle top. If you feel like you are right there with me, a substitute during the winter would be a long light brown sweater with a gray belt.  Oh and the lovely boots I mentioned, yeah….I bought ’em from Shi by Journey on sale for $40.00 plus tax.  So needless to say, I was inspired by my manager.  🙂

I hope some of these “fashion” outfits gave you some new ideas. I know I was inspired, which is why I felt the need to pass them along!  If you happened to be familiar with one or more of the “faux pax,” I hope the suggestions were helpful.  I know that some individuals don’t care how they look; while others do, but they just don’t have the fashion sense on what they can and cannot get away with in regards to their personal body type.  No matter your size, there are always outfits that will make you feel sexy!!!  😉

Until next time,



Should I Wear Solids or Patterns?

I cannot tell you how many times I hear at work, “I would never be able to pull that style off.”  The item that they are generally discussing would be our body con skirt.  Guess what ladies, you can pull that style off!  It is all about finding the right pieces of the style for your body type.  The first thing I do is break down my body so to speak.  What I mean by this is:  1. General size/height.  2. How big are the boobs?   3. How big is the butt.  4. What area do I want to emphasize?  Personally I’m only 5’ 4”, my boobs are little, and my butt is practically nonexistent. There are ways to emphasize certain areas to make them look either smaller or larger than they really are.  If I wanted to wear a body con skirt to “enhance” my rear end, I would put on a skirt that had a pattern.  Generally I would wear a solid color top to balance things out.  Too many patterns at once can result in a very undesirable affect (and who wants that?).  With the cooler weather you can even add leggings or tights with the outfit.

If I decide there are parts of my tummy I wish to hide, then I would simply reverse the theory.  I would dress myself in a solid color skirt and a top that had a cute pattern.  Now this is where some people make a mistake on what they can and cannot get away with.  Remember you want to flatter your body and slim it down.  You don’t wan’t to put on a top that is too tight and it give you the opposite affect (make you look bigger than you really are). All body types can get away with putting on an off the shoulder top with the skirt.  When I wear off the shoulder tops, I personally like to put a tank or cami with it.  A friend of mine shows an excellent example of this.

Now to show some examples of my favorites with the body con skirts!  Ladies, welcome to…color blocking 101!  I love to have fun with colors.  I think it is amazing how you can completely change an outfit just by wearing a solid ivory top and adding a different color cami and/or cardigan with a different color of body con skirt.  Keep in mind that you don’t want to go too wild, so stay with a theme of some sort.  Examples would be contrasting a solid white top with a solid black skirt.  Another would be earth tone colors.  If you decide you want to get funky, you can put on a dark purple top with a bright pink skirt.   The trick is to tie it in with just the right shoes.  Take a peek at another friend of mine below.  She opted to wear the “earth tone look.”

I hope this has given you a few new “looks” to try out at home.  I positively love to dress people at work, and now I get to do it at home too!!  Yay me 🙂 If you have any questions on what goes and what doesn’t, I’d be happy to help.  Simply leave a comment and I will respond with the advice.  I’d like to thank my models for dressing cute and allowing me to take their pictures and posting it for the world to see!  Coming soon will be a post with models that are sporting awesome tattoos!  Remember, inked girls love fashion too!!!

Until next time,