Gift Ideas from a Fashionista ~ Shoes!

Every now and then a friend will approach me and request that I be their personal shopper for a specific event.  Sometimes they simply need a top, yet other times they are in search for a pair of shoes to match a certain outfit.  I tend to catch on rather quickly to their preference of style.  So when birthday’s or Christmas comes around, I generally end up adding to their closet.

For some individuals fashion is simply alien to them.  They tend to not know what looks good on them, whether it be a certain color or even a particular style of top.  Not everyone can wear the same type of style; however, they can wear variations of it.  If you and a few friends know someone that only wears tennis shoes, try to get them into some attractive flats.  It isn’t a heel, so they will still be somewhat in their comfort zone, yet it allows them to branch out and spread their wings.

Let’s say “Jane” has a birthday coming up and she has three friends  who decide that they want to expand Jane’s shoe collection.  They each decide to buy Jane two pairs of shoes.  So when Jane opens up her gifts she will now have six pairs of really cute shoes to add to her closet!  Inside each shoe box you could place a note with the suggestion of an outfit idea that the new footwear may be accompanied with.

Good luck on finding the perfect shoes for your friend(s)!!!  I have also added some links to my page for suggested web sites to help sooth your shopping soul. 😉

Until next time,



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