Kids Gone Wild

I cannot tell you how much I have debated on whether or not to post this article.  I know that to some this may seem odd to post on a fashion blog; however, the instances did happen while I was at the mall either shopping or working.  I finally decided to go ahead and share these stories so that you may see another part of my personal views and my upbringing.

There are times when I am shopping at the mall that I come across some kids that are sorely lacking manners and respect for their elders.  At one particular store I was flipping through the hangers on a rounder with tops and sweaters when a kid emerged like a bat out of hell and knocked into me as he flew past.  I know I had the, “You have got to be shitting me” look on my face.  The first thought that I had was, “My mom would have beat my rear end if I pulled a stunt like that growing up.”  I still shake my head at the lack of discipline being handed out.  In a way this somewhat tells you that I am not a spring chicken (I’m not old but I’m not particularly young either).  The next thought that popped into my head was, “Where in the hell is this kids’ Momma?!”  Naturally she was all the way on the other end of the store.  She simply looked down when the kid reached her side, and then continued to shop!

I remember the days of being taught “yes ma’am” and “no ma’am” and the same courtesy was extended with “sir.”  Opening doors for anyone (younger or older) was the polite thing to do.  Of course “please” and “thank you” were drilled into our heads as well.  When I am out and about I still follow the manners that I have been taught.  A few weeks ago I held open the door for an older gentleman that was approaching and he looked at me with surprise and then smiled and said, “Thank you ma’am.”  I, of course, replied, “Your welcome sir, have a great evening.” The fact that he had a surprised look on his face saddened me a little bit.  It made me that much more aware of how kids are being brought up these days.

I’m not recommending someone beat the living daylights out of their kid, but a simple time out chair does wonders.  I remember if I acted up as a kid, my Momma would send me to my room for an hour.  It was all fine and dandy until she figured out that I was reading on my book the entire time and I didn’t see it as a punishment any longer.  That was when she would get more creative by adding to my weekly chores (I really hated dusting as a kid).  It sure sucked at the time, but I truly think it was worth it in the long run.

Another wild instance that pops into my head is when a mother and a group of her friends/relatives were in the store (that I work at part time) had two kids with them.  The adults were looking around while the two kids were running wild throughout the entire store.  The younger of the two smacked into a fixture that had a sign on it and it fell down and landed on his head.  My manager, co-worker, and I made sure the kid was okay, filled out an incident report, etc.  I have to wonder though; if the kids had been behaving and not running wild in the store, would this still have happened?  I truly don’t think so.  I feel if the kids had been better disciplined at home, this would have a smaller chance of happening.

Thank you for listening to me “vent” a little bit.  I will make sure my next article is related to shopping and fashion 😉

Until next time,

Creatures With Ink


The Salsa Experiment

Last weekend Adrianna Fischer and I headed out to try our hand at something new….Salsa Dancing!  We have never salsa danced before, so this was thinking completely “outside the box” so to speak.  The club that we selected offered a free lesson (1 hour) prior to the club officially opening.  The original plan was to show up at 8:00 p.m. so that we could learn some new moves.  Umm, that did not happen.  Here are a few of our antics that delayed our arrival:

1.  Even though we had previously selected our dresses for the evening, they still seemed wrong.  We were both adding to the cliche of trying on different dresses before we eventually deduced that we had no idea what others were wearing and finally wore what was comfy.  Which led to our second delay.


2.  The dress I had finally decided upon was a strapless number that needed some low heel basic pumps.  It is rather laughable that out of my entire shoe collection (ladies, I have a TON of shoes) I didn’t have a single pair of 2″ black heels.  The majority of mine are around 4″ or higher.  So out of all the shoe stores in our area, we arrived at Payless!  I purchased a very cute pair of pumps (with a coupon) under $22.00! 😀

3.  We then decided, or rather I decided, that I was starving.  Guess where we pulled through?  Was it a healthy restaurant?  That would be a negative, we pulled through McDonald’s!  “I would like a quarter pounder with cheese and a large Mr. Pibb please.”  Don’t worry, I worked off all of those nasty calories later on in the evening.

Finally, we arrive at our destination right before 9:00 p.m.  We were all in agreement that we needed to loosen up some so we headed to the bar and had a couple of drinks (shots were involved at one point).  😉  After that, it was like the guys knew we were loosened up and the dance requests started rolling in.  It was funny every time I had to inform my dance partner that I was new at this and that they would need to take it easy on me.  I can honestly say that there were two guys that danced so well, that they made me feel like I didn’t even have to think about the steps…it was automatic and AWESOME!  They were gently guiding me into all of the steps, spins, and eventually dips.  If you think for even a moment that our evening went off without a hitch, please keep reading and you are guaranteed to laugh your ass off!

Note to self for future Salsa events, don’t wear a strapless dress!!!  This particular partner dipped me so low that I actually touched my hand to the floor because I wasn’t sure if he had a good hold of me (I didn’t want to be dropped on my rear end in front of everyone).  So after being “dipped” I thought to myself, “Hmm, something doesn’t feel right.”  I looked down and WOOPS!  My dress had slipped down to my waist!!!  So after cussing myself out because of my own stupidity for wearing a strapless dress, I yanked it back up so my bra was no longer visible to the entire club.  CAUTION:  You know how in the movies during dance scenes there are walls upon walls of mirrors and you wonder if they are really like that?  I would like to inform you that they are.  I have no idea how many people saw my bra, but I have a feeling quite a few received a peep show.

After all of the entertainment for the evening, we ended up heading home around 1:30 a.m.  After a brief discussion we found that we were (again) hungry.  Considering the time, we only had about two options….White Castles or Taco Bell.  We opted for Taco Bell.  After zipping through drive thru we proceeded to our final destination for the evening with three things on our agenda.  1.  Immediately change into comfy clothes. 2.  Scarf down our food.  3.  Check/clean up our feet (Adrianna Fischer had some serious blisters from her heels) which fallowed by going to bed and passing the fuck out.  By the time we reached number 3 it was roughly 2:30 a.m. 😀

Salsa Dancing ~ What to Wear?

A good friend of mine (Adrianna Fischer) asked me if I would be interested in going salsa dancing this Saturday with her and I said, “Ohhhh, that would be awesome!”  Now we are debating on what to wear!  Since neither of us has ever been salsa dancing before; we both started scouring the websites to find that perfect outfit.  These are the dresses that we have come up with so far.

Item Description:  Palm and Hibiscus Dress

Price:  $59.99

Direct Link:

Item Description:  Butterfly Chiffon Hi-Low Dress

***I have to say, I would add a black belt to go with this dress.

Price:  $28.99

Direct Link:

Item Description:  Women’s Polyester Latin/Modern Dance Performance Outfit

***If this were a local store, I would drive there in a heartbeat to purchase this.  I just might have to order it in the future if my friend and I start going dancing on a regular basis.

Price:  $29.99

Direct Link:

If any of my followers/readers know of a store that has awesome salsa dresses…PLEASE share them with me!  Keep in mind that it needs to be a chain that is in the United States (I live in the Midwest).

Sexy Corsets

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Every now and then I tend to look at different lingerie sets to check out the new items.  Below you will find some of the sets that I happened to like the most 🙂  Enjoy!

Product Description:  Lace Up Corset Garter Set BLUE/BLACK

Price:  $44.00 plus shipping

Direct Link:

Product Description:  Black Burlesque Corset with Zipper Closure

Price:  $27.99 plus shipping

Direct Link:

Product Description:  Red Gothic Lace Corset

Price:  $25.99

Direct Link:

Great Shoedazzle News!!!

Shoedazzle just announced that you will no longer have to remember to “skip a month” on their website!  You can now have a membership and no longer have to worry about your credit card being charged the $39.95 unless you specifically place an order.

I love this site; especially when they have their “take two” or “half price” sales.  The really cool thing is when you purchase items from their site you earn “points.”  When you reach a certain amount of points you earn a free item from their website!  How cool is that?!  They offer a wide variety of shoes, handbags, and accessories.

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These are some of my favorites that are currently available on