Country Pride via Corsets

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On this lovely Sunday I was perusing different websites that have corsets for sale.  I discovered an online store called Corset-Story.  They have some of the cutest and sexiest corsets that I have seen in a long time.  The ones that stood out to me the most would be the country flag corset line that they carry.  These are strictly a made-to-order type of corset.  Naturally the American Flag corset stood out the most for me. 🙂

American Pride ~ $71.00

German Pride ~ $68.00

English Pride ~ $95.00

Spanish Pride ~ $68.00

French Pride ~ $68.00

Australian Pride ~ $71.00

I have added a link to each corset so that you may view the specifics of each item at your own leisure.  These particular corsets were listed under the Burlesque Costumes and then Burlesque Corsets category.  There are several other corsets that I enjoyed and will be sharing my favorites in a follow up blog post.  I believe each of these corsets would look amazing with skinny jeans and either basic pumps or basic knee high boots with a heel.

Until Next Time,