Adorable Dresses ~ Eric Dress

Adorable Dresses ~ Eric Dress

I found some super cute dresses that I know that several of my friends would love; which is why I simply HAD to share these with my readers.  Some are more on the pinup style which I adore.

If you like this Polka Dot Casual Dress ,which comes in four colors, click here to view on their website. I know that you could totally rock some funky heels to go with this dress.  You could do red pumps, some funky skull heels, or keep it classic with black heels and a cute chunky red necklace.

I love this dress!  All it needs is a cute brown belt and a long necklace to complete the ensemble.  I would totally wear this, especially in the summer!  To view this dress for purchase, please click here to visit their website.

This is a Cherry Printed Casual Dress that comes in two colors.  To see more information on this dress please click here. This is another dress where you could have some fun with the accessories. 🙂

I love the simplicity of this Plain Lace Bodycon Dress which is available in two different options.  Click here to get more details!

Hello animal print dress!  This Bohemian Peacock Dress is available in three different colors.  To view the other colors available simply click here.

I will definitely be visiting this site more, there are so many dresses to choose from!!!  Check back frequently for more fashion suggestions.

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