Western Handbags ~ 11 Main

Western Handbags ~ 11 Main

I recently came across the store 11 Main and my oh my do they have some awesome handbags! I simply had to share them with you.  They will give you the finishing touches to your western wear or even as an everyday accessory.

This is the EUG-8136 Concealed Handgun Collection Handbag by Montana West which is available in four colors can be found here.

You are looking at the Be Trendy Texas Flag Concealed Handgun Carry Handbag G939ST that will go with every outfit!  If this is a handbag that you absolutely have to have, please click here.

I love pink and this handbag is no exception!  This option comes in four different colors and is known as the MW108G-8110 Western Concealed Handgun Collection Handbag.  If you fell in love with this handbag as much as I did, click here for more information.

This Montana Western Handbag is one that will go with anything!  Sometimes the simple designs are the most attractive.  This particular model is known as the MW10-8291 Western Concho Collection Handbag and comes in two different colors.  Please click here if you are interested in this handbag.

I sincerely hope you enjoy these handbags as much as I did.  I foresee a shopping experience in my near future. 🙂


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