Heels that Rock ~ Blue and Cream

Heels that Rock ~ Blue and Cream

I absolutely love it when I come across a new website that have a huge selection to choose from! Not only do these particular heels look comfortable, they have a unique style to them that you won’t see everywhere!  They would go with so much in my closet 🙂  I am going to narrow it down to three of my favorites from the website Blue and Cream; which I have to tell you was VERY hard to do!!  Let’s take a look at what I discovered.

Say hello to Roisin Red/Black Stingray by Chrissie Morris! These heels would definitely be a conversation starter on a night out on the town.  They would add that special touch to the perfect outfit! Click here to view on the Blue and Cream website.

You are now viewing the Albertina Stingray heels by Chrissie Morris.  I love the unique design of these heels!  Like many of the heels that I personally own, these make a statement!  I am a firm believer in dressing with confidence and these would put the whammy on my confidence 🙂  Again, there are so many different outfits that you could pair these amazing heels with!  To view theses amazing heels simply click here.

These heels are made by Raphael Young and are called Pony Basset White Plonge Calf. I love the style of these, especially the way how they lace up!  I was personally drawn to the stitching technique that was used.  These would go perfectly with a blue dress that I own!  To view these simply click here.

Check back frequently for more blog posts on Blue and Cream!

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