Electronic Cigarettes ~ How to Make the Switch

A year and two days have gone by where I have been cigarette free!  I cannot tell you how much better I feel….and I do not smell like cigarette smoke!  I would only smoke outside or in my car, I refused to have all of my CLEAN clothes in my closet to smell like smoke.  I can now honestly say that regular smoke kind of puts me off.  It smells rather nasty.

Let me explain how I switched with success.  The first thing I did was make sure that my liquid juice did not smell/taste like a cigarette.  I selected more of the fruity flavors.  When you stick with the cigarette flavors it tends to make it trickier to actually quit smoking.  The next thing that I quickly realized that having variable airflow allows you to control how much actually inhale and have that “cloud of vapor.”  Being able to control your wattage is pretty important too.  It goes hand in hand with having that much more control of how much that you can inhale.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that you will be saving a TON of money in the long run.  Yes, the initial setup cost can seem expensive, but think about how many packs/cartons of cigarettes you will smoke in a month.  Your initial kit setup will cost between $30-$150 (depending on what setup you select).  You will also have wicks that need replacing typically every 2-4 weeks.  Eventually they “burn out.”  When your juice starts to have a burnt taste, that’s when you know that it might be time to swap out your wick.  Depending on your setup the wick costs will vary.  I generally spend $12-$16 on a five pack of wicks.  The five pack will generally last me roughly 2 1/2 months.  10 ml of juice is equivalent to one carton of cigarettes.  20 ml of juice is equivalent to two cartons of cigarettes.  I typically purchase the 30 ml of juice which is equivalent to three cartons of cigarettes.  The liquid juice varies in cost depending on your supplier.  It can range between $7-$25 per bottle (depending on the size of bottle that you choose).

One of the most important things is to first purchase a KIT rather than attempting to put together a modified setup.  You need to get yourself familiar with your setup first before you play around with customization.  As the old saying goes….baby steps 🙂  The EcoLUX kit was the first kit that I purchased.  This did NOT have a variable air flow (there are some kits like these that do have variable air flow…I just didn’t purchase one at the time).  This was a good kit to test the waters with.  The one downfall is that the kit that I purchased had a hard plastic tank.  Some of the juices available can only be put into a glass tank….so keep that in mind if you decide to start out with this kit.  Click here to see what exactly comes in this setup through PREMIUMecigarettes.

My next kit that I purchased was the Innokin iTaste VTR kit and I purchased a larger tank that would hold more juice.  This kit can be found here through PREMIUMecigarettes.  You can find the Aspire Nautilus tank through here at PREMIUMecigarettes.  When you purchase this tank, you will need to use the extender that comes with the iTaste VTR kit.  The reason you have to use the extender is because the Aspire Nautilus will not fit like shown in the picture above.  This particular setup was great for starting out; however, it is rather on the clunky side so keep that in mind.  The reason I thought it was perfect for starting out was because it didn’t overload me with as many options.  You won’t be able to inhale quite as much due to the control settings.  I found it to be perfect because I didn’t cough myself senseless.  Typically the first time you inhale from an electronic cigarette (aka eCig) you will most likely cough a little because you will inhale exactly like you would a regular cigarette.

I recently decided to purchase a smaller setup with a bigger air flow.  I compared costs with other kits, the size, and style and finally came to the decision to purchase the KangerTech SUBOX Mini kit.  This kit is MUCH smaller than my previous one.  Don’t get me wrong, I still use my VTR…just not as much.  A few different people I know have a couple of different setups and/or tanks so that they can bounce back and forth between different flavors.  This particular kit has a larger wick and allows me to inhale quite a bit at once.  I get that larger “cloud of vapor” effect.  To view what exactly comes in this particular kit through PREMIUMecigarettes, please click here.
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I know this is a lot of information to process and there is much more to learn!  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away.  Don’t forget to check back for additional posts.

Until next time,



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