About Me

I can honestly say that I love fashion.  I am always looking for new ideas to work with my current wardrobe or possibly add a few new items to my already insanely large existing wardrobe.  I am even worse with my shoes.  Seriously if I were to say I have any possible type of an addiction, it would be to shoes.  I have three different stores that I am constantly monitoring their websites (I view them about once a week).  Sometimes a friend will mention a particular style and color of shoe that they are looking for which makes me do the following:  1. Squeal because I know the perfect place to find them.  2. Tell them of either the website or store I discovered them at.  3.  If I have them and we wear the same size, I will lend them out (as long as they know that they are to be returned).

Some of my other interests (outside of the fashion world) include but is not limited to:  photography, reading, watching movies, creating new things (craft wise), hanging out with friends, and playing with my kitty.  I use to have a dinky little camera, but recently upgraded to a Nikon D3000.  I use any excuse to whip it out and snap away whether it is taking scenery pictures or pictures of my close friends doing something goofy.  As for reading I love to snuggle up with a good book.  Some of my favorite authors are Patricia Briggs (The Mercy Series), Lynsay Sands (her vampire series), and pretty much anything by Ali Vali and Radclyffe.  Movie wise I will watch pretty much anything except for horror.  Horror and I just don’t get along.  Some of my favorite movies are:  The Bourne movies, The Fast and the Furious collection ,Twilight, The Covenant, Burlesque, Dirty Dancing, Step Up, TrueBlood, The Big Bang Theory, Prison Break, Wildfire (it was a TV series), and The L Word (if only there was less drama….).  Craft wise I use to make and sell machine embroidered items.  I have since then switched to a new hobby.  I am currently teaching myself how to make/bake items out of clay.  My current ideas are napkin holders, beads, piggy banks, magnets, and Christmas tree ornaments.

Needless to say, I am use to being a very busy chickadee.  I very rarely sit still (unless I’m watching a movie, reading a book, or am passed out from the day).  My theory, “If I’m constantly busy, I can’t get into trouble.” 😀

My hopes for this blog will be to share the fashion knowledge that I have with those who might not be as sure of what is considered in and what is currently out.  Fashion is forever changing and can be rather tricky to keep up with.  I hope to be able to lend a helping hand with keeping others up-to-date.

Fashion Blog:  www.creatureswithink.wordpress.com

Photography Blog:  www.amandasphotoalbum.wordpress.com


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