Wedding Season ~ What to Wear

I love attending weddings for numerous reasons.  Nine times out of ten a very good friend of mine is getting married.  While I am always very happy for my friends, I must admit that I enjoy seeing what everyone is wearing to the wedding as well.  I love to see the amazing dresses and heels that all of us women tend to bust out for special occasions.  While perusing the web I came across a very nice website with a dress that I was practically drooling over.

Greta is available in four beautiful colors:  Beach Glass (shown above), Chantilly, Midnight, and Sterling.  I particularly love this dress because of the fun color options, the straps still allow me to wear a full bra for extra support, and the high waist is flattering to most body types.  If I were to try this amazing dress on my first impulse would be to twirl around. 🙂

To view more details and size options about Greta please click here to arrive at their homepage.  From there I hovered my mouse over the Dresses option and then clicked on Social Events.


39 Dollar Glasses

How many of you wear eyeglass or contacts?  I happen to wear glasses full-time and lets face it eyewear can be expensive.  Some of the options that they have available at the optometrists office aren’t always the greatest.  Besides, I don’t want to have the same pair that a ton of others will have as well.  I tend to lean more towards the unique looking frames.  🙂  The last time I purchased frames I didn’t have insurance so I purchased a Groupon and saved a ton of money, yet I still spent a chunk of change out of pocket.  :-/

I think I found a website that will save me a ton of money.  I will still have to get an eye exam, but those tend to be less expensive to pay out of pocket.  It’s the frames and lenses that get you the most.  I found out about 39 Dollar Glasses.  The frames are literally $39!  My last pair of frames alone were over $100!  I figure if I can save roughly $60 then I will be one happy lady.  I did a fake order to check out the finished pricing.  If you get the frames and lenses alone they really are only $39.00!  If you decide to get the anti-reflective coating you add an additional $24.95 which brings us to a total of $63.95.  Did your jaw drop at the pricing? I know mine did!  To view this awesome website click here.

My next question was, “how much is shipping going to cost me?”  I checked into that and holy smokes is it reasonable!  For USPS first class with delivery confirmation it is only $4.95.  If you choose USPS priority mail it is only $5.95.  Second day air  is $12.90.  Do you want your glasses the next day?  For $17.90 you can have them!  When I decide to place an order I know I will select at least the priority mail option….I think I can afford $1 more to get them that much faster.

I have selected some of the frames that immediately caught my eye.  Check them out below!

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Heels that Rock ~ Blue and Cream

Heels that Rock ~ Blue and Cream

I absolutely love it when I come across a new website that have a huge selection to choose from! Not only do these particular heels look comfortable, they have a unique style to them that you won’t see everywhere!  They would go with so much in my closet 🙂  I am going to narrow it down to three of my favorites from the website Blue and Cream; which I have to tell you was VERY hard to do!!  Let’s take a look at what I discovered.

Say hello to Roisin Red/Black Stingray by Chrissie Morris! These heels would definitely be a conversation starter on a night out on the town.  They would add that special touch to the perfect outfit! Click here to view on the Blue and Cream website.

You are now viewing the Albertina Stingray heels by Chrissie Morris.  I love the unique design of these heels!  Like many of the heels that I personally own, these make a statement!  I am a firm believer in dressing with confidence and these would put the whammy on my confidence 🙂  Again, there are so many different outfits that you could pair these amazing heels with!  To view theses amazing heels simply click here.

These heels are made by Raphael Young and are called Pony Basset White Plonge Calf. I love the style of these, especially the way how they lace up!  I was personally drawn to the stitching technique that was used.  These would go perfectly with a blue dress that I own!  To view these simply click here.

Check back frequently for more blog posts on Blue and Cream!

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Adorable Dresses ~ Eric Dress

Adorable Dresses ~ Eric Dress

I found some super cute dresses that I know that several of my friends would love; which is why I simply HAD to share these with my readers.  Some are more on the pinup style which I adore.

If you like this Polka Dot Casual Dress ,which comes in four colors, click here to view on their website. I know that you could totally rock some funky heels to go with this dress.  You could do red pumps, some funky skull heels, or keep it classic with black heels and a cute chunky red necklace.

I love this dress!  All it needs is a cute brown belt and a long necklace to complete the ensemble.  I would totally wear this, especially in the summer!  To view this dress for purchase, please click here to visit their website.

This is a Cherry Printed Casual Dress that comes in two colors.  To see more information on this dress please click here. This is another dress where you could have some fun with the accessories. 🙂

I love the simplicity of this Plain Lace Bodycon Dress which is available in two different options.  Click here to get more details!

Hello animal print dress!  This Bohemian Peacock Dress is available in three different colors.  To view the other colors available simply click here.

I will definitely be visiting this site more, there are so many dresses to choose from!!!  Check back frequently for more fashion suggestions.

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Western Handbags ~ 11 Main

Western Handbags ~ 11 Main

I recently came across the store 11 Main and my oh my do they have some awesome handbags! I simply had to share them with you.  They will give you the finishing touches to your western wear or even as an everyday accessory.

This is the EUG-8136 Concealed Handgun Collection Handbag by Montana West which is available in four colors can be found here.

You are looking at the Be Trendy Texas Flag Concealed Handgun Carry Handbag G939ST that will go with every outfit!  If this is a handbag that you absolutely have to have, please click here.

I love pink and this handbag is no exception!  This option comes in four different colors and is known as the MW108G-8110 Western Concealed Handgun Collection Handbag.  If you fell in love with this handbag as much as I did, click here for more information.

This Montana Western Handbag is one that will go with anything!  Sometimes the simple designs are the most attractive.  This particular model is known as the MW10-8291 Western Concho Collection Handbag and comes in two different colors.  Please click here if you are interested in this handbag.

I sincerely hope you enjoy these handbags as much as I did.  I foresee a shopping experience in my near future. 🙂

Newest Additions

Today I had the joy of adding three (yes three!) new pages to the Fashionista’s eBay Sale category.  This makes a total of four different categories so far for my lovely followers/readers to choose from should you decide to purchase some of my personal fashion collection.

The four total categories are the following:

Shoe Freak

Fashion Denim

Skirt Heaven

Awesome Accessories

Thank you for your continuous support in following my lovely blog.

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A Fashionista’s Cleaning Sale!!

I have been blogging about fashion for a little while now and am always trying to find the best sales for my stylish readers.  Ladies I would like to introduce a new section to my blog.  I will be listing some of my personal Fashionista collection on here with the direct links to the listings on eBay.

I have been attempting to clean out my closet/re-arrange a bit and some of my awesome items simply need to find a new home.  I have sold on eBay previously and I thought some of you might enjoy seeing  a bit of my personal style….and even be interested in owning some of it.

Item Categories

Shoe Freak

Denim Wear

Skirt Heaven

Stylish Tops~Coming Soon!

Chic Sweaters

Awesome Accessories

eBay Auction Guidelines

Generally these items will be either a 1 day, 3 day, or 5 day auctions.  I try to list the items to where the auction(s) either end on a weekend or in the evening during the week.  When I say evenings it is generally after 8:00 p.m. and I am in Central Standard Time (US).

Payment Requirements

I only accept PayPal for my eBay auction listings.  This will ensure that you can receive your item(s) in a more timely manner.  I require payment within 5 days of the auction ending.  If you require additional time for payment, you must contact me prior to bidding on the item.  If the item is not paid by the end of the 5th day I will take the necessary actions through eBay.


I will ship the item within 5 business days after receiving payment.

Thank you ladies for stopping in and happy fashion hunting!!


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