Wedding Season ~ What to Wear

I love attending weddings for numerous reasons.  Nine times out of ten a very good friend of mine is getting married.  While I am always very happy for my friends, I must admit that I enjoy seeing what everyone is wearing to the wedding as well.  I love to see the amazing dresses and heels that all of us women tend to bust out for special occasions.  While perusing the web I came across a very nice website with a dress that I was practically drooling over.

Greta is available in four beautiful colors:  Beach Glass (shown above), Chantilly, Midnight, and Sterling.  I particularly love this dress because of the fun color options, the straps still allow me to wear a full bra for extra support, and the high waist is flattering to most body types.  If I were to try this amazing dress on my first impulse would be to twirl around. 🙂

To view more details and size options about Greta please click here to arrive at their homepage.  From there I hovered my mouse over the Dresses option and then clicked on Social Events.