39 Dollar Glasses

How many of you wear eyeglass or contacts?  I happen to wear glasses full-time and lets face it eyewear can be expensive.  Some of the options that they have available at the optometrists office aren’t always the greatest.  Besides, I don’t want to have the same pair that a ton of others will have as well.  I tend to lean more towards the unique looking frames.  🙂  The last time I purchased frames I didn’t have insurance so I purchased a Groupon and saved a ton of money, yet I still spent a chunk of change out of pocket.  :-/

I think I found a website that will save me a ton of money.  I will still have to get an eye exam, but those tend to be less expensive to pay out of pocket.  It’s the frames and lenses that get you the most.  I found out about 39 Dollar Glasses.  The frames are literally $39!  My last pair of frames alone were over $100!  I figure if I can save roughly $60 then I will be one happy lady.  I did a fake order to check out the finished pricing.  If you get the frames and lenses alone they really are only $39.00!  If you decide to get the anti-reflective coating you add an additional $24.95 which brings us to a total of $63.95.  Did your jaw drop at the pricing? I know mine did!  To view this awesome website click here.

My next question was, “how much is shipping going to cost me?”  I checked into that and holy smokes is it reasonable!  For USPS first class with delivery confirmation it is only $4.95.  If you choose USPS priority mail it is only $5.95.  Second day air  is $12.90.  Do you want your glasses the next day?  For $17.90 you can have them!  When I decide to place an order I know I will select at least the priority mail option….I think I can afford $1 more to get them that much faster.

I have selected some of the frames that immediately caught my eye.  Check them out below!

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