Black Friday Listings!

Hello Ladies!

I will have several listings ending throughout the day Friday and Saturday.  Several more heels, boots, and sweaters have been added to my Fashionista eBay Sale section.  I will also be adding some odds and ends such as some of my photography that has been printed onto glass cutting boards.

Other items that you might see under my eBay listings will include movies as well as some embroidered items.

Happy Black Friday Shopping for those of you that are more inclined to shop from home or are starting round two!


Newest Additions

Today I had the joy of adding three (yes three!) new pages to the Fashionista’s eBay Sale category.  This makes a total of four different categories so far for my lovely followers/readers to choose from should you decide to purchase some of my personal fashion collection.

The four total categories are the following:

Shoe Freak

Fashion Denim

Skirt Heaven

Awesome Accessories

Thank you for your continuous support in following my lovely blog.

Until Next Time,